"If you want to get close to your horse,

you have to get close to yourself.

Then the horse can come to you."    


Seeing The Horse For Who He Is

Horses are prey animals. Their instincts of fear and flight are deeply ingrained into their personality, and attempts to completely breed or train these impulses out of the horse have been historically unsuccessful. Few trainers work from a solid understanding of this fact.

We can try to make the horse perform for us through the use of intimidation, dominance and painful equipment and the horse will do as we ask, simply to survive.

Doro’s technique, however, is mindful of the horse’s desire to seek safety, comfort, and the company of other horses (or humans) who provide it.

When given the chance, the horse will always strive to perform beyond its own capability, simply to be within the safety of trusted company. Many of a horse’s responses to our requests give us an insight into how little sense we truly make to them, even with the best of intentions.

To access all that our horse can offer us, we need to validate him and ourselves by engaging mind and spirit. 

To access all that we can offer the horse, we need to allow our intuitive gifts to reach farther than our concepts do ...

Beautiful relationships are created when we find a common language ...

Beautiful relationships are created when we find a common language ...


Doro's work primarily focuses on creating a grounded and trusting relationship between horse and rider.                    Her lessons start on the ground as she guides owners into developing a deep understanding of the horse's mind and a gentle and comprehensive training skill set.                                                                                                                            Everything changes from there and the familiar battle turns into a beautiful dance.                                                             A well educated and well mannered horse makes a world of difference when considering any activities from an enjoyable trail ride to farrier/vet care or emergencies.